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Jaunty July – July ’14

The scene:  It was absolutely teeing down. “Surely no-one will be there. Perhaps its won’t even be open” I muttered.

The ‘meet-cute’:  How naïve of me! Ten minutes, later we pulled in to a jam-packed car park, opposite a cluster of beautifully designed buildings and an abundant flow of jovial customers.

We entered. “If you grab a table, I’ll nip to the loo and join you in a few minutes.” Deep joy … organic fig hand-wash and hand cream. I was – at first sight and first sniff – falling in love!

I joined the husb and took in the delights of the café; a huge wood burning stove took centre stage in the open kitchen; lots of contented faces and a menu offering organic juices, seasonal salads and puds. All this, set against a calming palette of earthy shades and textures.   Luckily, the husb had nabbed the final table before a queue had started to form. I was truly in ‘feed good heaven’.

A waiter approached the table to take our order. I looked up, to be greeted by what I can only shamelessly describe as pure ‘adonis’. His lips moved I did not hear anything. The husb gave me a Paddington stare. “Yes please, a green juice. Thank you.” “If you could try not to drool too much” said the husb. Well, I tried my best.

Our trio of salads arrived. Sadly no food pic – I was far too busy tucking in, so you will just have to take my word for it when I say the words organic, fresh, colourful, seasonal and scrumptious. It was a most enjoyable struggle to pick just three salads from the seasonal menu. I could have licked the plate. Obviously I restrained – it’s not the sort of thing you do in front of beautiful people and a calming colour palette.

By the time we made our way out of the café, by way of our healthy lunch, surrounded by beautiful people, smiles, lean bodies and the glow of the wood-burning stove; we pretty much skipped into the shop, purse willingly wide open.

A relaxed thirty minutes later, we tucked our tidy haul into the car and headed off.  Thanks it was a great #meetcute.  We will be back.

#bespokebrands #becauseyoucan

Daylesford Farm Cafe

Daylesford Farm Cafe