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Juicy June – June 14

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The UK ‘diet’ industry is currently worth a mind blowing £2billion. So it’s no surprise that we all love a new diet craze. For the last year or so, at Champagne by You HQ we have been pretty keen on the original (and in our opinion, the best) 5:2 – by Mimi Spencer and Dr Michael Moseley.

5:2 cook book

5:2 cook book

Ok, so we haven’t stuck to it religiously and we are probably now more along the lines of a 6:1 (not because we are on the maintenance phase, but because we are just plain greedy!) Of course this doesn’t stop us looking at what else is out there to see what we can get our teeth (or not) stuck in to!

As if by magic, June seems to be all about juicing, cleansing, blending and of course doing it all in the greenest way possible …

Juicy June

Juicy June

On offer, an amazing range of bespoke ‘green’ options from companies such as ‘Raw to Door’, ‘Raw and Juicy’, ‘Plenish’ and more. And on a high street near you, outlets like Pret A Manger are offering their new range of juices.

Pret juices

Of course if you can be at all bothered to buy the kit and copious amounts of veg (and low fructose fruit) then why not turn your own kitchen into a dedicated bespoke juicing hub!

Alternatively, and on a lighter note – still sticking with the green theme – may we suggest  ’10 fizzy green bottles’ …

London Wine Fair


With love, laughter and ‘greens’ from Champagne by You HQ