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Pick and Mix – April ’14

#Bespoke #becauseyoucan

Ssshhh – don’t tell anybody, but I secretly love the fact that the ‘Sugar Police’ seem to be on every corner now. When I think of the messianic pull of my local sweetshop. Pocket money – every single penny – spent on as many different paper bags of poison as I could manage. Oh the sheer joy at the sight of those big, glass jars; rammed full of different colours, shapes and textures. Although I didn’t realise at the time how bad it would be to mainline the white stuff like that; I would like to think – on a very small basis – that I was training myself in the art of pick and mix and therefore the art of bespoke!

Diptique candle shared by champagne by you

Forward thirty plus years or so to this weekend to an indulgent chunk of time worshipping at the altar of a huge range of organic, essential oil filled candles #noparabensinsight. Mmmm … what smell did I fancy? What name did I like the sound of? What did I find most evocative? With the removal of each glass dome, I took in a big greedy sniff and although not everything on offer pressed my olfactory buttons, anything with a ‘fig’ or ‘spice’ in the title, pretty much “had me at hello”!

candle names bespoke because you can

This is the start of my #becauseyoucan journey. Please join me and tell me what pushes your beautifully bespoke buttons?

pewter candle holder shared by champagne by you


#Bespoke  #becauseyoucan

April 2014